Once again, Dadi Janki’s words hit the mark like a well-poised archer whose vision is keen and whose discipline has resulted in a bulls-eye every time. We become the beneficiaries of this
accumulated wisdom and effort and are inspired to use this valuable time and this valuable life of ours to accumulate the eternal treasures of the spirit. In Dadi-Janki’s words:

“Right now what the soul really needs most is power, Having been through birth and rebirth, accumulating rubbish along the way, the soul is burdened and depleted and therefore unable to perform to its greatest potential. Power is gained, enabling us to stay with God and reach the destination, when we use our inner resources in the right way. wasting the mind on ordinary, mundane, conditioned thinking is a waste of time and energy. Souls leave the path, they leave God, because they have wasted their thoughts, words, and breath in this way. Blaming other and complaining are just making excuses. This is another mistake which wastes more energy and causes more loss of power. …Understand that you need power and start cultivating it. As power develops, so will love.”