Some insights into the Golden Age…

“Paradise is being built again. Even in this darkest hour, secret forces are at work. Powerful souls, including the Most Powerful of all, are channelling the energy of purity into the material world…When we have reached the peak of our own long-latent powers and when the forces of good and evil have fully polarized, as they soon will, then the long awaited transformation will arrive. By changing our own mental environment, we will change the face of the earth itself.”

“You emerge your merged sanskaras of the Golden Age of a kalpa ago, and then there will be the automatic experience of being princes and princesses. When these Golden Aged sanskaras emerge then there will be the clear experiences of the systems and customs of the Golden Age. It will be so clearly emerged that you can experience it as if it happened only yesterday.”

“The meaning of the Golden Age is that all comforts are present: all the comforts given by nature, comforts of the soul, of the intellect, mind, and relationships. All comforts are present. Now you think: “what are the comforts given by nature? What does comfort of the mind mean, what is the comfort of relationship. merged in this way?” Whatever you see of the best in this world, all these things will be in their purest forms, their accomplished forms, and will be offering their best comforts. It can be either wealth, body, mind, or season. All the best achievements of everything is called the Golden Age.”

“Whatever is the best and in its complete form, is available there. You buy things from shops, but not with the account made through buying. No: it is just like the account of the family, where you give and take. It is just like giving and receiving gifts. just as it is the custom within the family to distribute something that is extra, it is not that it is given to keep an account. In order to run the system, different people are given different duties, where some take care of the fruits, and some take care of the grains. You don’t pay money here for whatever you take, but there are people who have charge of these things, who have this duty. It shall be the same there. Everything is in abundance: there is no scarcity at all. You can take as much as you wish.”

“This system is also a method to keep yourself busy, but that is also a game. You don’t have to show your accounts to anyone. But now you are at the Confluence Age: the Confluence Age means you have to live economically, whereas in the Golden Age you eat, drink, and are happy. There is ignorance of desires there. Where there is desire, you have to keep accounts, and because of desire there is scarcity. In the Golden Age there is no desire, so no scarcity. Everything is available: it is in abundance and complete. What else do you need? It is not that you will take extra of something that you like best. No, you will be satisfied, contented.
There will be so many comforts that you won’t be able to consume them: you will just see them.”